Good Friday

This week, I have intentionally dwelled on the events that happened this very day 2000 years ago.

Tetelestai, It Is Finished, were His last words upon the cross. His perfect love crucified. The selfless act that was accomplished for you and I. Jesus came to do the Father's will. He came to be marvelous light. To save. To conquer. To overcome. He came as the incarnation of Truth. He came to make atonement for our record of sin and to make reconciliation possible. He came to die for and purify His bride, the church. Jesus came to make a way. A way for mercy, grace and unconditional love to set in and dwell among us all the days of our lives.

At the cross, it was the Great Exchange that took place. His place for ours. When the people would have forced Him to a crown, He withdrew but when they came to force Him to a cross, He offered Himself for you and for me. The greatest love story that could never be matched. The eternal debt owed for our sin was paid in full. God, the Father looked upon His perfect, precious, and priceless Son as if He had lived the detestable sin-stained lives that you and I live. And, for those who repent and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, He looks upon them as if they had lived His Son’s perfect, precious, and priceless life. Gosh. The thought brings me to tears. The reality and truth brings me to life. At the cross, God kept His promise to crush the head of the enemy through the bruising of His Son. The power of sin and death was destroyed once and for all.

Tetelestai. Take heart, Sunday is coming.