We live a life where we are not convinced of the genuineness of God's promises without a tangible or visible manifestation. But what if we stopped looking for signs and lived a life of faith over sight? What if we just said yes?

I have always known that God works together for good. That He loves foreshadowing and He is always multifaceted. In most hard seasons or situations, that’s hard to cling to in our flesh. But isn’t that the whole idea of our faith walk? To be hopeful in the things we don’t see and to have faith and trust that it’s true and good. That there is a purpose and a plan to follow.

There is nothing too difficult or impossible for our God. Our belief is always desiring some outward sign to prove things; we are not convinced of the genuineness of God’s promises without a tangible or visible manifestation. But what I’ve learned is the greatest triumph of our faith is to be completely still in His Presence and know that He is who He says He is and He will deliver us. When Moses and the Israelites were standing at the Red Sea wondering how they were going to get through, Moses told his people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance The Lord will bring you today”. Then The Lord instructed Moses to tell the Israelites to “go forward”. For God to move, we need to move. He wants our “yes” and our trust. Taking that first step of faith forward trusting that He is about to part the sea before us.

Susie Larson says it best, “We love our comfort, God prefers our faith. We love predictability, God invites us on an adventure. We want relief, God wants redemption. We want a break, God is after a breakthrough. Hidden in every trying circumstance is an opportunity to experience God, to engage our faith and to see Him move. More often than not, we ask too little from God. He’s greater, grander and more magnificent than we can imagine. And He will waste nothing. He’s using every nuance of your story to make you into someone you never dreamed you could be. So, take the risk.”

My prayer is that we live a life of saying yes to the Father. That we stop looking around for signs and instead, we look up and rejoice knowing that Jesus is profoundly invested in our journey. He has already gone ahead of us, cleared the way and answered prayers before we even fully understood just what we needed. The God who spoke the Heavens into existence is the same God who speaks on our behalf. Chills. So, as we step out in faith without any sign, we will see the fruit of our yes. As we step outside our comfort zone when all we want to do is cling to comfort and control, we say yes to whatever God wants to do. Yes to the open door. Yes to the situations that stretch us and scare us. Yes to the movement that will only come once. Say yes to what He has to offer and watch the beauty that unfolds. As we take our first steps into the water, we will see them divide. And one day, our faith will become sight because we trustingly said yes to Him.

Oh, the riches He has waiting for us even when we don’t see or understand.