The unknown does not have to be a place of fear. Rather, a place of refinement. A place of preparation for what is coming.

Oh, how I know this place so well. It’s been a season of wandering through the desert healing, refining, stretching, growing. It’s been filled with days of crying out to Him desperate for His truth. Leaning in, open hands and heart surrendered. If you think you are alone in the unknown, I’m here to tell you that you are not. That seems to be such a familiar place for me. But I can tell you how rich the fruit is here. How sweet the water is and how much life is in the unknown. It’s been the most precious season of clinging to Jesus.

I have been planted in a posture of expectancy and waiting with anticipation for what’s to come. I assume the Israelites felt the same way wandering around the wilderness. Waiting in anticipation for direction and guidance. My favorite part about this story is God’s glory is always revealed. He led the Israelites by a pillar of cloud and fire so that they would never be without direction. His guidance is evident and His plan although unseen is a straight path into His perfect will. The intimacy of the Lord is one of my favorite attributes about Him. The way He speaks and whispers and nudges and prompts us. In the wilderness, in the unknown, in the aching and the joy. His presence never leaves us. I can rest assured that the promised land is just before me even when it seems like I'm walking in circles. God intentionally led the Israelites in a round-about path to avoid the traps of the enemy. His ways are always strategic and always good. All throughout Scripture, we see God’s people waiting in anticipation and every story ends in triumph. Today, just as it was then, I can trust mine will do the same because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Lisa Bevere says it best, “His vantage of past, present, and future is somehow synchronized so that He sees the end in the beginning and begins things once He has ended it.” And just like that, the peace of knowing His hand is over my life sets in. The reminder that He is in control. That He desires to work through us from the inside looking out not because He needs our eyes but because we desperately need His vision. Abraham literally laughed in God’s face when He told him he was going to bear a son through Sarah. To think nations came from a man who at first disbelieved and feared the future, I marvel at what Jesus has in store for mine. I wonder if sometimes a promise is drawing closer when it has never seemed more impossible. Because of these truths, I have been riding this wave of peace that more is coming soon. I can’t quite explain it but I know that Jesus is pulling me in and He is going before me. He is making a way. It’s all His glory and I am so in awe that I get to live in the midst of it all.

With the Lord, one day is a thousand years and He is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness but He is patient towards us not wishing that any would perish (2 Peter 3:8).

So this is my season. My story. My intimacy with Jesus walking through life just trying to figure it all out. My heart is so full these days. Knowing I don’t have to do it on my own. Knowing that He is who He says He is. So I keep leaning in, listening and joyfully waiting.

His promises are true, the harvest is coming.