A word repeated and a prayer prayed over and over until it’s engraved so vividly in my heart.

At the start of 2019, I set it upon my heart to chase after pure contentment and all that my Jesus has to offer. What I have discovered is that contentment is simply Christ being enough. Allowing Him to be your comfort. It’s no longer enslaving yourself to discontentment. It’s throwing away comparison to all the people who have what you crave and desire so deeply. It’s with or without, in plenty and in want, in all circumstances. Christ being enough. To be content is to let Him be just that.

I truly admire Paul and his heart. He knew the meaning of contentment down to it’s very core. He learned the secret of facing plenty. The answer to that secret? Jesus. He truly is all that we need. Everything else is just a reflection of how much He loves us. He has a divine plan for us because He loves us. He showers us with blessings because He loves us. But Jesus and His infinite grace alone is enough. So, I keep trekking through this season of dwelling in contentment with where the Lord has me. He always has our best interest in mind. “No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly” - Psalm 84:11. For His glory to fall upon us, we have to have a spirit of humility and be okay with following where He leads, even if that means into the wilderness. The risky place. You know, that “outside our comfort zone” place He usually calls us to. Though I can’t always see what’s next, I can see the beauty ahead. His promise unfolding. His Word kept. He has been so good in showing me His glory and His redemption in seasons of waiting. Being so patient with me when I get impatient with His timing. Faithful, kind and merciful.

Jesus is in the mess my friends. He is enough to comfort and fulfill you and He knows everything we need and desire in this life yet He alone is all we need. I’m so thankful for a God who has it all worked out for me that all I must do is dwell in His Presence and follow Him. This is where His glory dwells. When we set it in our hearts that He is enough. So, keep trekking through the wilderness because even when you can't see the end, He is with you and interceding for you. There is beauty ahead of you. If you just surrender it all, He will carry the burden for you, leaving you with a heart full of genuine contentment in Him alone.

This. This is my favorite place to be.